Earthquakes in the Time of COVID-19

Puerto Ricans are facing a multitude of tough challenges right now. 2020 has been far from kind to the island and its residents, throwing challenge after disaster after threat at them.

Puerto Rico’s earthquake sequence rumbles on. For a few weeks, it seemed things were quieting down. I’d begun to wonder if it was finally petering out, but then came July 3rd, and two substantial earthquakes that let us know that the southwestern region of the island isn’t going to see an end to the shaking any time soon. And that’s just the start of the troubles plaguing the island.

Many of us are struggling in the face of this pandemic (especially those of us living in countries whose leadership didn’t take effective measures to contain the novel coronavirus, and are now facing ever-increasing rates of infection and death). But being hit with a murderous virus while the earth is nearly constantly shaking, and you’ve lost your home just when you most need to shelter in place, is extra horrible.

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Oxaca Earthquake: Another Shaky Tuesday on the Middle America Trench

President Enrique Peña Nieto views earthquake damage after the September 2017 earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico. Credit: Presidencia de la República Mexicana (CC BY 2.0)

The state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico suffered another very large earthquake on Tuesday. Fortunately, the M7.4 quake didn’t cause catastrophic damage and extensive loss of life, but at least ten people are dead, dozens injured, and there’s been quite a bit of damage to buildings and infrastructure. It will take a while to learn the full scale of the disaster.

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We’re Back, Baby, Yeah!

An artistic winter photo of Mount St. Helens when she was a perfect, snow-covered cone, framed by bare branches

Welcome to the temporary worldwide headquarters of Rosetta Stones! This lovely little summer cottage will be our base of operations while our new permanent HQ is built.

We had a good run at Scientific American, and I’ll always be proud to have been a part of their network. Alas, all good things have a lifespan, and when it comes to digital media that lifespan is pretty short. Independent blogging, however, can last pretty much indefinitely, so Rosetta Stones will continue on in one form or another for as long as I can put one word coherently in front of another. Expect that to be a fair bit, because I suspect I’ll still be talking rocks when I’m stuffed in a nursing home. (Don’t be surprised if I pop up from my coffin shouting about the amazing strata in the graveyard.)

If you’re new to Rosetta Stones, you can pop on over to the Scientific American Blog Network to have a look at her previous incarnation. If you’re a long-time reader, settle in, and let me show you some of the plans!

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